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Garage Door Repair Experts
We have experience with all brands, makes and models of garage doors and electric openers. A well maintenance door and opener will operate quieter, smoother, safer and add years of life to your door.

Do you have:
Your top section dented in the middle?
Is your door crooked in the opening?
Maybe it runs to noisy.
Is the roller out of track or side cable off?
Is the door reversing during travel?
Is the spring over the top of the door broken or out of balance?

Any of these repair problems can be fixed to bring your door back to life. A complete preventitive maintenance can also prevent most of these problems.

Preventive Maintenence

The average door opens and closes 4 - 10 times a day. The maintenance of your garage door and opener is equal to the changing of the oil in your car.

With so many movig parts, steel on steel that effect each other, they need oiled, adjusted and safety tested yearly. With proper preventive maintenance, you door will last YEARS longer, run smoother and quiter, also will keep down repairs. Electronic openers should be adjusted to reverse if it hits an object as to not damage the door. We can program the button built in your car.


Did you know springs are calabrated for the weight of your door? There are no universal springs for every door. We weigh your door to install proper springs to carry the weight.

Springs are made to LAST depending on their cycle. The life cycle of a spring determines on how long it last. Like a tire for your car, with 10,000 - 30,000 mile warranty.

A ten thousand cycle spring should lift your door up and down around 6,000 times, if you have only one spring above your door and it breaks, youn cannot open your door.

We offer the budget spring that may last 2 - 3 years but also offer a double spring system with 30,000 cycles so you don't have to keep replacing them every couple of years. Done right one can last 10 years. The other benefit to a 2 spring system is if one breaks, with help of your opener, you could still open your door. Runs smoother and quieter.

Top Section Damage

At some point a door may hit an object and the opener is strong enough to cause a dent or split in section. If not taken care of immediately, the damage or split will get larger and larger. It's important to replace section or reinforce it and opener be adjusted to keep down continued damage.

Is your door reversing during travel?

Is something in the way of Photo eyes? Electronic openers need adjusted for travel, distance, force, and auto reverse. When you push the button and door stops or reverses or you have to push button repeatedly to get door closed, it's time for a service call or call us for helpful information about your safety photo eye system.

Bottom Weather Strip

Is water and debris coming in through the bottom of your door? Guess what? Bottom weather strips are not interchangable or universal. We have 15 different door manufacturers here in the Las Vegas Valley and each one has a different way of attaching the bottom weather strip. Call us for the solution to new weather strip.

Hand Operated Doors

You or your tenant opening and closing the door by hand? The number one repair problem is while moving the door, we don't control the rate of travel and if door moves to fast it can “throw” the cable. The door goes crooked in the openening and can no longer move or a roller can come out of track. At this point call for a service call and have the door put back in allignment before it becomes a very expensive - extensive repair.

A door will last longer, run smoother and safer with an electric garage door opener.

service list

  • Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Fix Crooked Openings
  • Garage Door Openers Repaired & Installed
  • Broken Garage Door Cables
  • Damaged Sections
  • Door Reverses During Travel
  • Noisy Garage Doors
  • Need Weather Strip
  • Broken or Bent Roller
  • Bent Track, Misaligned or Rusted Track
  • And More - Contact Us Today!