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Why is the bottom of my garage door not even?

Cause: maybe either a frayed cable or jumped cable.
Solution: replace worn hardware or call professional to repair.

Why does my garage door jam?

Cause: maybe a broken cable, the track is bent or the extension spring cable pulleys are worn.
Solution: repalce cable, straighten, adjust or replace track. Replace worn pulleys.

Why does my garage door squeak?

Cause: dry rollers, bearings, hinges.
Solution: lubricate.

Why won't my garage door open?

Cause: there's a broken spring or a bent track.
Solution: replace spring. Straighten, adjust or replace track.

My garage door closes part way and reverses. What's going on?

Cause: broken cable, close force not properly adjusted, dry rollers, bearings, misaligned, dirty or defective photo eyes, track is bent, worn extension spring cable pulleys, cable off drum, door obstructed.
Solution: replace cable, adjust force, lubricate, align, clean or replace if needed, straighten, adjust or replace track, replace worn pulleys, call professional to repair, clear opening of garage door.

Door won't close all the way.

Cause: broken cable, worn extenstion spring cable pulleys, door binds in tracks.
Solution: replace cable, replace worn pulleys, adjust track spacing or trim molding, replace any bent hinges.

The rear support for the upper tack is broken.

Cause: broken extension spring or broken extension srping cable.
Solution: call a professional.

Door won't stay open on manual operation.

The spring has relaxed.
The solution is to adjust the spring or springs.

Radio controls will open but not close the door.

Cause: misaligned, dirty or defective photo eyes.
Solution: align, clean or replace if needed.

Why is my garage door opening slowly?

Cause: broken spring.
Solution: replace spring.